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CaddiePlayer is a "All in 1" PROTOCOL resulting of years of research. The research started in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Crans-Montana, home of the Omega European Masters.

In 2010, Swiss and UAE PGA Stephane Barras, was the head of Golf at Haigeng Chinese Olympic city when he made a fondamental discovery about performance.

In 2012, Stephane's PUTTING research was published in the International Journal of Golf Science and in June 2013 CaddiePlayer was launch. Since, CaddiePlayer Solution is assisting, with great success, Elite Golfers around the World.

CaddiePlayer is using "Reverse Metrics" to identify key points improvements methodology.

Scientist DeChambeau first International win in Dubai

Since my first participation as a delegate to the 1998 World Science Congress of Golf and later as a speaker presenter (2012-2016), I become an active believer/promoter in Golf Science. I could not miss the opportunity to follow sunday Omega Dubai Desert Classic final round to witness not only a great duel between the “Scientist” Bryson DeChambeau and the “defending champion” Li Hao Tong* but as well a fantastic opportunity to see another history making in Dubai. 

The opportunity would also let me benchmark/research their performance using the CaddiePlayer & PuttZones metrics. The "duel" Bryson versus Li went quite short as after the second hole only, Li made a poor chip followed by 3 putts as Bryson back to back birdies cruised to a 64 to finish -24 and in his pocket his first International win.

What impressed me the most in Bryson game was not his putting but his SwingScore58, which according the the "4ShotsRule" (Barras-Baradie) would have been made possible a score of 54 matching the "Vision54"  quest from Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson. 

Bryson DeChambeau speaking after his first International win in Dubai

“The more you can understand the world around you the more prepare you will be” 

I was then privilege to be one of the few able to attend DeChambeau press conference and to get more insite of his “Secrets” which many might think its about putting… Actually its not… According to Bryson it all comes to the “DOMINO” effects... 

Full story >

Until next time, #IamCaddiePlayer Stephane in Dubai        


CaddiePlayer Founder Stephane Barras with Bryson Dechambeau



Full story about Li Hao Tong two shots penalty on 18 > rule rule 10.2(b)4


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