How CaddiePlayer Works

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    For Tour Players, Coaches, Amateurs: All inner CADDIES

How to Use efficiently what YOU see, think, do and turn it into SUCCESS?

  1. CaddiePlayer is a interactive statistics course management solution based on a 2012 Science Research/Paper > 
  2. CaddiePlayer is using the Latest Mathematics and Statistics to optimize Scoring and guide your practice on the range/course.
  3. Under Terms and Conditions CaddiePlayer is free to use,
  4. Upon request (Fees Apply) CaddiePlayer researcher and founder PGA Stéphane Barras can:
    • Give you instant feedback.
    • Teach you the CaddiePlayer Protocol.
    • Monitor your peformance on Tour.
    • Implement the PuttZones System.
    • Guide you to success.
    • Connect you with Industry Leader.

Benefits you will get using "CaddiePlayer":

  • Assist to reach more greens in regulation and sink more putts.
  • See key points and facts that influence your scoring.
  • Interact with others (Caddie, Coach, Mentor) by sharing comments after each hole and round.
  • More things to discover using "CaddiePlayer" solution.

About CaddiePlayer Founder GolfDigest 2020 #BestInternationalTeachers >  Stephane Barras


Looking for the latest innovation in PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT ?

A simple SCIENCE Based Interactive "All in 1 Protocol" for Tour Caddie, Tour Player, Coach, and Amateur.

  1. CaddiePlayer allow you to create accounts according to your profile (Tour Caddie, Tour Player, Coach and Amateur).
  2. Once you create your account you can login, add new round, print the CaddiePlayer StatCard to take with you on the course and later enter your statistics/comments on the "Add new rounds" menu.
  3. Once you are register as a Caddie or as a Coach you can: Add New Players/Students, Add New rounds for your Players/Students, view your Players/Students rounds and interact with them.
  4. Once you are register as a Player (Pro or Amateur) you can > Add New rounds and let your Caddie/Coach/Team interact.
  5. Follow CaddiePlayer Latest News, Twitter and Facebook.
  6. Being coached/guided by Stephane Barras 10 years tours experiences and 2020 GolfDigest #BestInternationalTeachers