Research #129 Presented at The University of St Andrews

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For Immediate Press Release

University of St-Andrews, St-Andrews, Scotland - World Scientific Congress of Golf VII - July 19, 2016

We are delighted to announce that CaddiePlayer Register Karim El Baradie and CaddiePlayer Founder Stéphane Barras successfully presented their Abstract, Tutorial Poster subject #129. The Subject so called the "4ShotsRule" got the attention from some Industry Key Players.

Stéphane Barrras comments: "I want to thank Karim El Baradie (Quadruple Swiss Champion)  for sharing his extraordinary knowledge of the game, because of the "4shotsRule" The CaddiePlayer Protocol can be better understood and explained".

The WSCG 2016 gather 150 participants from all over the World and will end Thursday July 21. More >   


The World Scientific Congress of Golf (WSCG) was initiated in St. Andrews, Scotland and held their first WSCG meeting in 1990.

Alastair Cochran and Martin Farrally established the World Scientific Congress of Golf Trust to support the organization through 2002. The meetings were held every four years in St. Andrews, Scotland (1990, 1994, 1998, 2002) and then in the USA, (2008, 2012) with interim (smaller) conferences held in Ireland (1992) the USA (2001) and Australia (2014) . The mission of the WSCG is to bring together researchers, professionals, and interested golfers in the areas of The Golfer, The Golf Course, and Equipment and Technology. The goal of the meetings is to present the latest research information to each other and to golf enthusiasts.

The research, keynote and invited presentations, workshops and Distinguished Speakers forum are designed to represent innovative and diverse topics in the game of golf, similar to the game of life. Presenters come from all over the world to share their expertise and provide a platform for discussion to further our knowledge in the game of golf.

The World Scientific Congress of Golf is a member of the International Council of Sport Sciences.


Karim El Baradie and Stéphane Barras presenting the "4ShotsRule" @Golf_Science 2016



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