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"CaddiePlayer" solution is Free* to register/enter/read complimentary of Stephane Barras, CaddiePlayer founder.  By using CaddiePlayer.com you understand that the platform is constently improving and error message or lost data could happen. Our dedicated team of developer are updating as often as much as possible: https://www.caddieplayer.com/news/345-caddieplayer-launch-breakthrough-stats-integration 

If you register for the purpose of participating at the CaddiePlayer.Online Invitational 2020 we invite you to read the event "Rules and Regulations" > https://www.caddieplayer.com/invitational-2020

In exchange, you agree to:

  • Link CaddiePlayer.com with your social media tools (website, twitter, facebook, instagram).
  • Follow us twitter @CaddiePlayer @PuttZones @StephaneBarras > https://www.facebook.com/caddieplayer
  • Allow researcher PGA Stephane Barras to use your name (image) for publicities or further research.
  • Receive CaddiePlayer News. 

Your personal information, like your scores, statistics comments from caddies, coach or players can be use for research purpose or as referencesShould you have any comments, suggestions or questions > This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Upon request (fees and  % of earnings),  Stephane Barras will assist you to read, understand and most importantly optimise your scoring/results by coming with you Onsite.

Stephane Barras has over 10 years of experiences coaching multiple TOURS Champions from Asia to Europe to USA. Stephane Barras a SwissPGA member since 1983 hold two science papers research and was awarded GolfDigest 2020 #BestInternationalTeachers > https://www.caddieplayer.com/news/341-caddieplayer-founder-stephane-barras-amongst-golf-digest-list-of-best-75-international-golf-teachers


If you no longer wish to have a CaddiePlayer account, it can be deleted in your CaddiePlayeraccount settings or by contacting us by email to > This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.