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From Crans Montana, home of CaddiePlayer

Ever heard about "Ram Dass" ? I did not before last december 22th when I found out on social media the passing of Harvard University psychologist (also once a golferRichard Alpert borned april 6, 1931. After googling "Ram Dass" I found countless video/information about his life inspiring thousands of westerner as a pioneer of spiritual exploration. In 1971 he published the book "Be Here Now" on spiritual, yoga and meditation.

As we are entering a new year as well a new decade, I am wishing you to be more in the "Be Here Now" and let your Guru guide you in the path of achieving your life goals.

Happy New Year, #CaddiePlayerGuru... > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8XXdBoOv_U

"When you know How to Listen, Everybody is the Guru"

Ram Dass quote  


2019 EuropeanTour season ends with new believe from our Founder: Welcome #CoachCaddie the next step of performance coaching...

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Dear all,

I have been *traditional coaching on tour since 2009, my first client/student was Chinese former number one Zhang Lian Wei with whom we launched the project "354". The project research made a breakthrough with putting findings. So called #CaddiePlayer and #PuttZones. Ten years later, I am closing it with South African Richard Sterne with whom we had our biggest career purse, a second placed at the 2019 HSBC Abu Dhabi Championships.

Within this 10 years at the highest level, I *traditionaly coached successfully, countless tour pros. *When I speak about traditional coaching, I mean the coach and the player are working/warming up technically/strategically on the practice range. Then its up to the Caddie to take over and together with the Player they are on the course doing their best. The coach can only follow outside the rope hoping for maximum birdies and minimum bogeys. All this process over a period of four days when the cut is made.

The general technical level of the Tour Players has tremendously improved the past few years (thanks to their coach/caddies/staff etc...). The overall scoring is getting lower and the gap between everyone is shrinking to such an extend that at the end it has becomes a one shot game. This one shot can be easly influenced by a bad bounce or a lip out. This "Hazardous" circumstances are creating great frustration/anxiety, as a result its more about having a good break then having a good performance.

Then there is the luck of playing well at the right week. For exemple: Matt Wallace finished T44th 57points in NedBank RolexSeries (+5) and earned more points than his T8 in Portugal (-12-54,5 points).  Not to forget the tremendous advantage you get when on par5s which you reach in two and convert to an eagle which Fleetwood did three times on the last round of the NedBank.  As a result he won it. 

So for over a period of time, I have had deep thoughts about what exactly could be done do to take his player to the next level? and the only way forward I can see is that the player's coach become his caddie. #CoachCaddie (already many coaches around the world are on and off caddying for their players), I have myself caddie on and off for my tour students but never as an official identity as we, CaddiePlayer, are intend to create from now on.

To end my thoughts, at the Race to Dubai grand final frist round when Mike Lorenzo Vera (MLV) from France shot nine under to take the lead to be paired the next day with Rory, I was curious to follow MLV a few holes to better understand his success. For sure what struke me very quickly was the enormous engagement harmony/trust from his Caddie Inigo Urquizi.

Inigo was so much involved in MLV game plan/line on the course on the greens that he was describe as his "Co-Pilote" by the notoriouse France biggest sport paper "L'Equipe"!  read full story in french > https://www.lequipe.fr/Golf/Actualites/Qui-est-inigo-urquizu-le-caddie-de-mike-lorenzo-vera/1083266

Unfortunatly the last putt of MLV did not convert to 3 Millions first check winner (He had to sink a double break 60 footer on the last to force a playoff), however, Inigo was there giving the line, the feel, the cheers... 

... I welcome you to a new era of Coaching: #CoachCaddie as from today #CaddiePlayer and myself have teamed up with specific coaches and caddies who each of them will have a special skill (Swing/Short Game/Putting/Strategy expert and Psychologist) that they will carry on the golf course together with their player. These skills will be randomly offered to our CaddiePlayers clients.

For more informations about our #CoachCaddie availabilities and rates please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     

See you next season, an Innovative season. #IamCaddiePlayerStephane 

Race2Dubai final week with two records from Fleetwood!

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Dubai DP World Race2Dubai final week

While 155 Players are batteling the European Tour School sesame 25 cards in Spain, Fleetwood flies to play-off glory in South Africa with probably the world lowest ever par5s last round scoring: birdie-eagle-eagle-eagle... and with it the biggest European Tour Prize USD 2,5 millions! We knew that today golf has become a Par5s game changer but to this extend we did not think if would be possible... Congratulations Tommy!

Full report from the European Tour  https://www.europeantour.com/european-tour/rolex/news/articles/detail/fleetwood-flies-to-play-off-glory-in-sun-city/


Above Tommy Fleetwood impressive Par5s round 4 results (Birdie, Eagle, Eagle, Eagle)

This week in Dubai another purse records will be broken...  

#IamCaddiePlayerStephane in Dubai

Bhullar 115th OM 2019 retains last ET card 2020. KLM CaddiePlayerFounder assisting strategic 7.9 points!

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While on Sunday night Tiger Woods was leading the Zozo championship PGA into tying Sam Snead 82 PGA tour records wins (27 birdies made Tiger the winner) others where hoping for a last European tour chance in Portugal to secure their European 2020 Tour card. For that they needed to finish the ET 2019 season not lower than 446.7 points mark

We are glad to see our CaddiePlayer client Gaganjeet Bhullar from India to be fortunate finishing on the 115th last spot and regain his 2020 ET privilege. We can say, according to CaddiePlayerBarras report, that game plan strategy on par5s combine with a PuttGained +5,8 at the KLM Open was a key element to gain crucial 7,9 points to finished ahead of 116th Hugo Leon at 440.6 points. 

Screenshot 20191029 095759 Chrome

More on ET tour card by sky: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/golf/news/12176/11847149/portugal-masters-who-secured-european-tour-cards-for-2020

More on Tiger 82th wins by golfwire: https://thegolfwire.com/tiger-bridgestone-golf-2/


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