My 149Th Open > Covid, Vaccination, no accreditation, Undercover CaddiePlayer data collecting to finally met JackWhite the Open Champion 1904...

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Sunningdale, Ascot - The Senior British Open Week...

I just got my "Essential Support Staff" with a BIG "C" badge (Nice to feel essential and to have access to the historical Sunningdale Club House having lunch next to the current US Senior Champion Jim Furyk).

One week ago I arrived at Royal Saint Georges the149th Open not knowing exactly what would I do except from trying to feel the spirit of JackWhite the 1904 Open Champion.

Since I moved to Scotland back in 2017 and met Boris the owner of the JackWhite shop Gullane I have been intrigued by the "JackWhite" story.

After making countless research and reading. I assume JackWhite must have been the First so called "CaddiePlayer" as in his book "Putting" , published in 1923, he speaks about Caddying into Sciencing and this is exactly what we are doing since 2013 CaddiePlayer birth.


Showing my face to the R & A official Media staff on a last minute call did not let me get the "Sesame Ouvres Toi" essential media badge to cover the almost forgotten JackWhite story. Thanks to my contacts of 40+ years on tour I finally got "TheOpenTicket" to enter the spectators site... If you never been to TheOpen make sure you make it one day!

I was hoping to be coaching the only official CaddiePlayer qualify "Louis De Jager" instead he got Covid and had to withdraw. On a last minute call I found a CaddiePlayer prospect, I collected his data. He made the cut, at one stage got to 6th place... at last I would have made only 1'800 USD for the week. "World N.1" Coach Peter Cowen made more... At least I got my vaccin

Gladly before I left RSG I found JackWhite just across from the Piaff Champagne Hospitality! "Santé" Morikawa. 




AramcoTeamSeries's Millions for the LET leads to Luxury, Style, Performance lucky draw and Outstanding putting to make up for a memorable week at Centurion Private club London.

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If you ever have a chance to play Centurion Club north of London (St Albins) make sure you take either a electric troley, a cart or a Caddie so you will get more time to admire and enjoy the beautiful setting Florida's looking course design but most importantly, to ease your legs energy walking up the par5s 13,15 and 18th.

Marianne Skapnord knew this too well, thanks to her experience South African Caddie assistance she made massive long putts on 17 and 18 to reach the playoff and won the individual trophy* with another fantastic putt on extra hole walking away with the biggest cheque (51,579,16 Euro).

Another big (team) winner was Indi, Diksha Dagar with her supporting Father Narinder on the bag. I had the pleasure to follow them 18th holes as well watch them practice putting late at night. There believes and determinations is something to copy. A lucky draw from captain Cowan, brought Diksha great putting display with 12 birdies to get her biggest Pro career cheque to date (42,278,00 Euro).

Quote from Diksha “I was very confident we were going to win. It is all credit to the team to Olivia, Sarina and Andrew. There was a lot of positives and good vibes this week. We really enjoyed playing on the course, having fun.”

Overall I was impressed by the setting organizing of the tournament with a mixture of luxury, styles and performance players/influencers bringing Ladies Golf to new heights.

At last I must not forget Lexi Thompson's apparence a great asset to bring spectators and gave me a chance for a chat.


Full story >

*Aramco have set up the Team Series which comprises of four $1 million tournaments. The format sees 36 teams of four, made up of three professionals and one amateur, compete over 54 holes per tournament. The captain of each team will get to choose one player in a pre-tournament draft system, with another professional being selected at random. An amateur will then make up the quartet, with prize money for the winning team being split between its three professional members. The format for the events will be simply who can shoot the lowest combined score over the three days of golf.

Now lets focus on the 149thOpen... #IamCaddiePlayerStephane just arrive at Margate > Royal Saint Georges not far away! 

Who’d be a Caddie? by Alistair Tait Golf

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Who knows why Bryson DeChambeau and caddie Tim Tucker parted ways after three years and eight PGA Tour wins together, including last year’s U.S. Open.

The average career span for tour caddies is about as long as the time modern humans are parted from their mobile phones. Often caddies get fired with little or absolutely no reason other than the old “the chemistry wasn’t right” excuse even though the caddie never once made a mistake. It is the most precarious job in golf.Quite who decided to initiate the break up is a matter for debate. Tucker apparently dumped DeChambeau, while Beefed up Bryson’s manager released a statement to Golfweek saying the parting was “mutually agreed.”

“The only time I talk on a golf course is to my caddie, and only then to complain when he gives me the wrong club.” Seve Ballesteros

Read full article there >

De Jager Top 3 with a 9 at West Lancashire to qualify for TheOpen at Royal Saint Georges.

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CaddiePlayer Breaking News

Its with great pleasure to see/read the breakthrough performance from Louis De Jager to qualify for the 149th Open at Royal Saint Georges where our CaddiePlayer spirit run back to 1904 when JackWhite* wins the Open setting new records and making 50£ only.

In August 2020, Louis De Jager register with CaddiePlayer and received guidance from CaddiePlayer Founder Stephane Barras. On March 2021 Louis became the best putter on the European Tour. 

In a run where over 1000 players entered at last they were 68 remaining with 36 holes on the day at West Lancashire. To make it you had to score -6 or better. Louis did -7 with a 9!  

Louis de Jager made a NINE in his round today. That he came back and still qualified was mightily impressive. Hear what he had to say here...

"I was playing well today so I just told myslef to carry on and stay positive"


What a day of Final Qualifying... Blog @TheOpen

Well, well, well... what a day we have had. There have been a lot of special moments, too many to sum up in this blog post perhaps, but moments that 12 players will remember for the rest of their lives. Eleven of those 12 will be debutants in two weeks time so Louis >


*1904 Open Championship at Royal St.George's

Jack White was one of the original members of the PGA, and in 1901 Tom Roberts a founder member of Sunningdale Golf Club persuaded Jack White to become their first professional. It was from there he entered the 1904 Open at Royal St. George's, which that year attracted 144 competitors, and an extra day was required.  White completed his final round in 69 with the help of some long putts to finish on 296 - the first time 300 had been broken in a 72-hole Open. White was the champion and received the gold medal and £50 in prize money. White received over 300 letters and telegrams, including one from his former Parish Church Sunday School teacher, the Rev. John Kerr at Dirleton. 



Nelly Korda became World n.1 with a Putting Average of 30! Is it a statistic anomaly or? Watch her #SwingScore...

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NELLY KORDA BECOMES NO 1 with a Putting average of 30..!? 

For the first time in her career, Nelly Korda has reached No. 1 in the Rolex Women’s World Golf Rankings following her win at the 2021 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. She becomes the third American to sit atop the Rolex Rankings and surprisingly she did it with a Putting average of 30.


This is quite surprising not so when you consider par5s double eagle on round4 (see above) overall scoring 11 under on the par5s assuming she must have reached most of them in two with two putts!

KPMGKordaWN1 2021 2 

The SwingScore is a innovative/original data from CaddiePlayer.

Nelly Korda 64,5 SwingScore is outstanding and explain more/better why she reached n.1 

“Reaching World No. 1 has always been a goal of mine, I couldn’t have done this without so much support from my family, my caddie, my sponsors and my entire team, not to mention all the fans who support me every week."

Full story >


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