CaddiePlayer Online Invitational 2020 participant's Thomas Rosenmuller wins in Czech Republic and top ProGolfTour Order of Merit

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Congratulations to CaddiePlayer Online Invitational 2020 Participant's Thomas Rosenmuller for his win in Czech Republic and toping the ProGolfTour Order of Merit.

Thomas Rosenmüller from Germany is the winner of the ALTEPRO Trophy by EXTEC 2020 in the Czech Republic. With a total 7 under par and rounds of 70, 69 and 69 the 23 year old from Munich secured himself his 2nd victory this season on the golf courses of Golf Club Sokolov and Golf Club Kynzvart where the 10th tournament of the 2020 Pro Golf Tour season was played. 


A special thanks to those fathers behind us... Marc L., Ambroise M., Christophe B., mine was Roger his legacy toward CaddiePlayer.

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My father Roger was a caddie in the 40's a player in the 50's and a teacher in the 60's when I was born (1963). Thanks to him and his patience, I have learn from him in the 70's, caddied/played with him in the 80's, taught with him in the 90's. In 2000 this day at 0h500 he booked his tee time to heaven and since then I am his score card keeper (CaddiePlayer).

I do not have children myself, therefore all children are "mine" and their fathers a mirror to my own. Over the past year I have encountered countless fathers and I have often asked myself what kind of a father would I have been?

From Holly Riordan

"Being a good father means supporting your children with their dreams. It means giving them the freedom to choose. It means letting them make their own decisions because you trust that you raised them the right way. Because you trust that they have the tools they need to succeed."

From Ghalil Ghibran

on children 001

Today I have a special thoughts for my father as well for father Marc Langasque (father of Romain Langasque Winner yesterday of the Wales Open Romain first European tour win) : "Je suis le plus heureux des papas" > -

Until next time fathers... 

Celebrating Jack White birthday in Scotland with a CaddiePlayer Win in Switzerland.

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Scotland, EastLothian/Aberlady

After 8 months of Covid19, travelling as far as Thailand via Saudi, being confined in Dubai for 6 weeks, stuck in Switzerland 2 months, and a on going project in France, I am now back to Scotland my new home.

Initially I was supposed to be Onsite CaddiePlayer at the Scottish Ladies Open instead I have ended up as Online CaddiePlayer at TheDucks Inn, where the TV crew and LET co-founder and commentator Mickey Walker stayed. OnLine CaddiePlayer from the Ducks gave me extra time together with my local associate, Ian Butcher, to initiate the transcript biography of the British Open Champion 1904 JackWhite and here the first draft: 

"John White, known as Jack was born on the 15 of august 1873 in Pefferside cottage 5 miles east of North Berwick between Scoughall and Whitekirk. John’s father was involved in agricultural laboring on the estate of Mr Laidlay who’s son, John Ernest Laidlay, became one of the great amateur golfers of East Lothian by winning the British Amateur Championship twice (1889/1891) as well as inventing the most used grip today, known as “The Vardon Grip”…"

Jack White's birthday 147 years ago, was last saturday august 15th and to my great satisfaction it coincided with a win from CaddiePlayer Junior U14 Celeste Mangeat from Switzerland. (Instagram: @cegolf242)

Until next time... Visit Scotland... Visit Jack White... Visit Me #CaddiePlayerFounder >

Golfer Jack White with dog 1904ClesteWin2

15th of August double celebration: Jack White 147th Birthday and U14 Celeste Mangeat Win

Pros Bossert & Cevaer wins. Junior Lecomte runner up! #CaddiePlayer is back...

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Professionnal, Andre Bossert with 24 putts to win the first Swiss Pro/Am in Geneva after PuttZones inside by Stephane Barras

Professionnal, Christian Cevaer beat all categories to win the first WinTour Serie in Paris after warm up session with Stephane Barras  >

Junior, Thomas Lecomte with 13 birdies was the runner up U18 Swiss Junior Championship Montreux after one month CaddiePlayer with Stephane Barras 

Quote from Andre Bossert

"I had 24 putts which is the lowest amount of putts for 18 holes since years. I worked hard on my putting stroke during lock down & after discussing with Stephane Barras up in Crans & adopting one of his PuttZones drills, all I needed is true rolling greens to mak a bunch of putts." 


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