In 2014 I found Grillo 10 years later MW find me, Dubai DDC become Hero Rolex Serie and Rory make his fourth...

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UAE the 35th #DDC edition is done > 10 years on with none...

I was hoping to celebrate my 10 years of DDC on the Emirates Golf Club putting green, recalling Grillo our DDC 2014 runner up one shot shy of fame! (Since a top player on the PGA Tour) neverless, I could not find a player willing to learn and improve his putting skills. Looks like these days every player has his putting coach and none of these putting coaches know about PuttZones neither wants to learn from it... 

Still, I was in contact with a few players LDJ, HDP, RF, who knows if they would have tryed this could have led to another winner maybe not? After all we are all happy for Rory and his 1,400,000 Euro more.

For my little "content" Li Hao Tong was the best putter of the week!  Back in 2013 I worked for Li > His putting has always been sharp, in Dubai Li was in contention finishing only 5 shots behind Rory.  

Despite all the frustration, my week in Dubai was still productive seeing/crossing so many familiar faces... Thanks to Arena hospitality and my good friend Paul Berger I had the best view with the best food!

"Getting a Instagram message from MW was probably my best surprise of the DDC 35th edition..." > Hopefully see you  there next year MW!  


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