Players Wishes

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We all wish to find the perfect caddie? but what is the prefect caddie? is it the one below?

The player called to one of the caddies and said, "I want a caddie who can count and keep the score." "Yes, sir. I'm very good at keeping score.""We'll see. If I shoot 3 on the first hole, 4 strokes on the second hole, and 5 on the third, what's my score so far?" asked the golfer."Ten, sir," said the caddie. "Good, you'll do perfectly."

As a player, I have always wish to find the perfect caddie.

To me the perfect caddie is the one who would give me the perfect club on the fairways and the perfect line on the greens and more feedback and confidence when I need it.

As we all know golf is not a game of perfection! but rather of tendancies, so what about a caddie that could give you after each round your "Tendancy" and more usefull data? This is exactly why I have imagine this application.

As Jack Nicklaus once said > "its not how much you practice but how."

Stephane Barras, sometime a player always a researcher...





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