Cameron Smith finishes the best putter on and off the greens. The 150th Open Championship review by Stephane Barras & Hello Birdie.

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Best putter from Thursday to Sunday

by Stéphane Barras CaddiePlayer Founder & Hello Birdie head of Academy

On the last round, despite a better Long Game Index, Rory was probably not having the best sensations on the greens as he needed 36 putts, where 29 were enough for Cameron.

“I felt like I didn’t do much wrong today, but I didn’t do much right either[…] It’s just one of those days where I played a really controlled round of golf.”

Rory McIlroy

Back nine Sunday was mainly an amazing birdie strike from Cameron with an up and down on 17th that left Rory 2 shots back from European hopes.


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CaddiePlayer statistics trial leads to a win at the Bad Ragaz Swiss Seniors Open.

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From Scotland the 150th Open week anniversary by Stephane Barras.

I just arrived in Edinburgh. The sky is blue, the air is hot (27 degres), the Musselbourgh beaches are full of bikinis and sun cream.

As everyone is focusing on Tiger Woods crossing the Swilcan Bridge with Jack Nicklaus, I focus on the LegendsTour data trial leading to a win from South Africa Legends James Kingston.

Thanks to James's Caddie Sam, I got this morning by Whatsapp Kingston's Bad Ragaz Swiss Seniors Open 3 rounds stats card. It took me 15 minutes only to compile the rounds stats into CaddiePlayer data center.

All toghether Sam has collected James's 12 LegendsTour rounds. 12 rounds that has proven once again how efficient relevent the CaddiePlayer data are. James's SwingScore under 70 (67,7) and PuttScore under 30 (28,3) simply show the recipe to win.

Glad it happen to my home country Switzerland, could not be a better place and time to mark 10 years (2012-2022) of the PuttZones findings.  

Lets now enjoy the 150th Open week.   

Sam James2022SwissSeniors

When the WORLD of LIV entered Golf… My proposal to Mr. Al Rumayyan.

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My proposal to Mr. Al Rumayyan after his $54.000.000 announcement

From la “FRENESIE” 54 to le “SUBLIME” 64

When the WORLD of LIV entered Golf…

I have been playing golf since 1967 at the pro level since 1983, caddied, played, coached in 50 countries, lived in 5 continents, had a lesson from Billy Casper, shaken hands with Arnold Palmer, drank afternoon tea with Gary Player, had dinner with Seve Ballesteros, engaged private talk with Kathy Withworth and have the 1995 Golf Digest cover page signed by NORMAN. Not Greg the LIV CEO you know very well but MOE another true LEGEND I knew.

IF MOE NORMAN would still be in this WORLD he would probably say: ”oooh 54 score… no one has done it before and no-one will ever do it…. oooh 54 millions what for…? ”.

Regarding your announcement of $54,000,000 reward for shooting a world record 54 in a LIV tournament.

I believe the 54 shots will never happen and is impossible to achieve, because 10% of putts are missed resulting of the surface inconsistency, however a (Swing) Score of 54 might be achievable.   

My proposal to you Mr Rumayyan: Let the first 54 (Swing) Score LIV player wins the $54,000,000.

Kind regards

Stéphane Barras, CaddiePlayer founder & Swing Score formula developper.

  • PS: The (Swing) Score referred to above has been developed by CaddiePlayer founder Stéphane Barras, who 25 years ago taught golf to Saudi citizens and today has become an Golf Data Analyst.  
  • PPS: As a CaddiePlayer point of view, what I also remember from the 54 LIV GOLF INVITATIONAL week launch at Centurion Golf Club London is Christian Cevaer’s Round1 “Sublime” 64, 3 shots lead at La Moye Jersey Golf Club where I happen to be on the LegendsTour. Christian's Swing Score that day was 63.


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2022 PGA Championship: Why Ian Poulter missed the cut by one and Justin Thomas wins? Read CaddiePlayer by Hello Birdie story...

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The PGA Championship 2022 – Behind the scene from CaddiePlayer by Hello Birdie

We looked into the data of the players who missed the cut by one shot only. Where and why here we go! 

Phil Mickelson did not defend his PGA Championship title and Tiger Woods regret it but then what about these 9 players who missed the PGA Championship cut by only one shot?

There are many reasons and areas where to make a score, according to Ian Poulter, who missed the cut by one.  the weather was his reason. 8 Players had 8 other reasons to do so.... at the end all we will remember is Justin Thomas and his Caddie Jim (Bones) Mackay! 


When Legends are Legends: Brier beats Youngsters and Kingston 57 SwingScore...

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Graz, Austria with Stephane Barras

As we say the golf ball doesn't know our age and the score doesn't show how but how many.

Welcome to Austria where the landscape is green and the houses all the other colors. From Salzburg to Graz passing through St Wolfgang by the lake. If you like romance this is where you need to stop over and if you have energy walk up the 3 hours trail to Schafberg highest Austrian's Hotel.

Strange enough walking up the Schafberg trail, which I did, I crossed more seniors that juniors probably because it was a week day. Still seniors these days are in good shape and the LegendsTour can be a good exemple to look up too.

At 59 this is were I get my inspiration from and what Markus Brier (53) and James Kingston (57)  achieved in Austria is something to remember.

First, James Kingston a two times winner on the European Tour playing the Riegler and Partner Legends at Murhof Golf Club Saturday's round reaching 16 greens in regulations among them tree par5's in two for a stunning SwingScore of 57! James playing last group on Sunday to finish runner up to cool caddie less, Euan Mcintosh.   

Golf Club Murhof (Murhof Gruppe) has been fundamental in providing a successful journey in the development of Austrian golf; it is one of the only clubs in the country that has been able to build up an international reputation. 

Then came the Gosser open 30th edition a Alps Tour "Raising Golf Star" event where futur generation are hoping to finish the season top 5 to graduate for the Challenge tour, the door way to the top of golf.

At the Gosser playing at Maria Lankowitz golf club I followed some rockies when in the clubhouse having lunch pumped into Markus Brier with a 66 to congratulate him and as a joke said: "Tomorrow you win to show the jungsters that the seniors are still around" he laugh at me with another 66 and history was made...

"This is probably the most surprising victory that I celebrated in my professional career." Markus Brier


 Crossing generations: LegendTour Player Gogele Caddied by a Murhof Club Junior


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