CaddiePlayer Developer Joins Race to Dubai Final

Francesco Molinari wins the Race to Dubai Championship

Francesco Molinari winner of the Race to Dubai 2018

This week I had the pleasure of joining Stephane Barras the founder of CaddiePlayer in Dubai for the final event of the European Tour. For reference, I am the lead software developer for CaddiePlayer and have worked with Stephane for many years to develop this platform into an advanced system for analyzing and evaluating opportunities for improvement in players' games.

I don't watch a lot of golf, and it's been quite a few years since I hit the links, so it was very insightful for me to spend Thursday following elite golfer Tommy Fleetwood around on Round 1of the Dubai tournament while scoring his play using the CaddiePlayer system. Stephane scored for Francesco Molinari, as the two leading players in the European Tour, faced each other at the "Earth" course at the Jumeirah Estes: the final event of the season to determine the champion.

Following the players around the course, it was interesting to see how skilled they played - even when they would make a bad shot into a sand trap or in the rough, they would recover right away with an amazing shot landing right next to the hole. At one point, Molinari flubbed a chip from the edge of the green, but followed it up with a chip shot that rolled right into the cup, saving par. Given how consistently they played, I was very surprized to do add up Tommy's score at the end of the first 9 holes to see that he was only 1 shot below par. Molinari was playing better than Tommy, but a few mental errors on short putts at holes 7 and 9 cost him at least 2 strokes that he'd fought so hard to earn through his amazing play in the first 6 holes.

As I entered the scoring data into our paper printout of the CaddiePlayer scoresheets, I got a firsthand experience of how difficult it can be to keep up with a player's progress throughout the full 18 holes of a course. There are lot of distractions, it's hot outside, and it can be difficult to calculate the exact distance from the hole. But once I got the hang of things, it became easier to anticipate where I needed to position myself to accurately record the important data.

At the end of the round, we were a bit tired, but learned a lot about how we can make some improvements to the system, and I really enjoyed seeing my first professional golf tournament. Tommy and Francesco were amazing to watch, and after the round, Tommy was nice enough to sign my CaddiePlayer scoresheet!

Tommy Fleetwood scored on CaddiePlayer stats by Matt Hammond

Tommy Fleetwood CaddiePlayer Score Card

The next day, Stephane and I sat down and entered the data into the CaddiePlayer system, where we identified a few additional improvements we will implement, and I now have a much better idea of how to make the platform easier and more convenient for Stephane and the other esteemed members of the CaddiePlayer community.

At the end, the masters 2017 Danny Willet won the tournament, but it was Molinari who captured the Race to Dubai Championship. We had a great time following the golf and seeing the pros playing at the top level of the sport. Stephane may have procured a new client, and we'll be introducing some helpful changes to the CaddiePlayer system over the next few weeks.


Matt Hammond - Lead Developer for

Matt Hammond in DubaiMatt Hammond in Dubai

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Putting Madness brings Justin Rose back to World n.1

I am ending my 2018 European Tour season in Turkey witnessing “Madness” or as my colleague Coach Alan Thompson put it  “Golf is an enigma wrapped with mystery” I couldn’t agree more with Alan, after following the last 5 holes of the dramatic Duel Li Hao Tong / Justin Rose when not only both 3 putted twice but Li did it from 6 feet on the last hole to lose his Play off that would have been his biggest Title/Cheque!

By far the most incredible 3 putts from 6 feet I have witnessed in my 9 years on Tour, not forgetting that it was worth 350’000 euro! And even more, knowing that Li is a great putter and competitor.

Comments from the European Tour Blogger

“Incredible scenes as Rose misses his birdie putt, before Li misses both birdie and par putt 

to hand Rose the title.”

It was my first visit to Turkey and I am glad to have met some friendly people, eat great food and enjoy wonderful weather. Belek / Antalya is definitely the place to come.  On top of all I got to witness a local village wedding with traditional dancing ‘ Ganziantep’ as well the Fire Anatolia show.  

One highlight of my week, a side from coaching Richard Sterne, was definitely meeting in person the visionary Fikret Ozturk Gradueted from Physics today top 20 leaders in Turkish Business and the owner of Carya Golf Club. Ozturk who's famous quote is:


For sure Carya Golf Club did DELIVER as PROMISES a great golf event!

Until next year celebrating 10th years on Tour, Stephane #IamCaddiePlayer 

 See all the drama here:


Chapter 44 – Justin, Eddie, and Richard at the British Masters

Kincraig. Scotland

I have just completed the seven hours LNER train journey from London, KingCross to Kingussie, Scotland, then on to Kincraig in the beautiful Cairngorm Nation Park.

7 hours is a long train journey, unless you are in possession of the centenary celebration Walton Heath golf club book “1903-2003 Heather and Heaven” by Phil Pilley. Thanks to their lovely secretary I managed to get an exclusive copy, signed by British Masters host Justin Rose. I then had the privilege of handing my putting research to Justin and received his congratulation, which happily coincided with one of my putting students, Richard Sterne, being among the best putters of the British Masters tournament, with a Putt Gained of +5.99

It will definitely take you more than 7 hours to read the 43 chapters of Walton Heath’s life story. Among the stories you will learn that during 100 years of the club history there were only three head golf professionals.  The first, James Blair (1904-1950) was the 5 times British Open Champion. He was followed by Harry Busson (1951-1977) who also became a world leading wood club maker for the Norman, Faldo, Ballesteros ilk. Now, since 1971, during Ken Macpherson’s time, Walton Heath has hosted the first European Open, the 1981 Ryder Cup match and last week British Masters - won by Eddie Pepperell, who’s next blog will be worth reading >

Until next time, Stephane.


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RyderCupEurope Win with the "Feeling" Rule as the best stat...

I was impressed by the openning ceremony speech of USA Captain Jim Furyk, during which he sounded presidential, determined and confident. While I was watching I remembered my 2011 Shanghai HSBC research on putting, when I approached him to ask his opinion about short, medium and long putting, and found his reply to be just as confident. Now, 7 years later, it was suggested to a European vice-captain to use the "4shots" Rule as part of the 2011 Shanghai HSBC research for the wild cards selection.

However, It was interesting to note that captain Thomas Bjorn's "Feeling" Rule was a better choice, and credit can be given to him for one of the best stats of the RyderCup history, as Journalist Will Medlock points out: 

"Europe's stunning 17.5-10.5 victory against Jim Furyk's United States side owed a great deal to Bjørn's picks -Ian Poulter, Henrik Stenson, Sergio Garcia and Paul Casey. Between them the four players earned 9.5 points, the biggest points tally by a group of wildcards in Ryder Cup history." 

I hope one day to see one of my Swiss countrymen playing. Who knows, maybe it will be Phillipe Weppernig who just turned pro last month.

Until next time, Stephane CaddiePlayer  


Ian Poulter and Sergio Garcia were as well part of the "4shots" Rule findings

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