We have the PuttZones PGA Championship data…. And we amused ourself to benchmark the best Tour pro with the best Club Pro… and guess what?

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Looks like  the star of the PGA Championship at Oak Hill was not Rory receiving Whatsapp Swing advice from Tiger Woods. Instead the Charismatic Club Pro's at Golf club Arroyo Trabuco's Michael Block got all the attentions.

GolfDigest did not miss the opportunity to compare Michael's PGA Championship performances against the best Tour players in the field, they also quote : "We are now a Michael Block fan account!"  

We at CaddiePlayer became fan too, we also benchmark Block's #PuttZones putting performance… against the winner Brooks Koepka! and guess what? .... Block's not only beat Koepka yet 69 more players!  

PGA 2023 Benchmark     

Brooks Koepka Tour Pro PuttZones data (Left) versus Michael Block Club Pro PuttZones data (Right)

Since the beginning of our data scientifical story 10 years ago, we have always believed that eyes should come first and machine second. In today’s world it’s almost like it has become the other way around. The reasons: saving time and energy, being faster and “better” this is where we are going to. Instant this, Instant that…

To a certain extend we at CaddiePlayer agree, but then there is a limit that we at CaddiePlayer still refuse to go to > Full automatization! and this year PGA Championship at Oak Hill is the perfect example where you can ask yourself how much you can relay on automotive data capture by a Laser rather than a Human?

At CaddiePlayer we still function the “Old Fashion Way” “Family Office Style” where our eyes, knowledge, experiences as Caddies and Players are fully activate double checking all rounds we received.

Thanks to our insider and with the help of automatization laser costing millions of USD we can more or less get all the data we want/need to benchmark all the Players we want/need shall they compete on the PGA (Shot Link) or European Tour (IMG Arena). 

Quote from our Insider eyes Matt to our Founder Stephane: “Not sure what to make of the 100% (0-2ft) range other than I did notice some discrepancies when watching the tournament coverage and some of the putt distances picked up by Shot link cameras.”

#WeAreCaddiePlayer #WeAreFamilyOffice #WeTrustOurEyes and we congratulate Michael Block for his outstanding putting performance.

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