4 putts to win the Masters... Now try for yourself, we have Jon Rahm's putting data. Before watch the presentation ceremony with a special tribute to Jon's Caddie Adam.

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The Masters 2023 from CaddiePlayer insider.

You have been watching, you have been reading, you have been talking now its time to putt.

Thanks to CaddiePlayer's insider Matt, we have been able to create the putting scheme of Jon Rahm his 4th round 307 feet of putts to win the 2023 Masters by one shot. 

To see hole by hole, LogIn into your CaddiePlayer account, then go: Start a new CaddiePlayer round and preselect course "PuttZonesRound4TheMasters2023JonRahm" and good luck! 29 putts he did! What about you? 

FYI: As with Jon Rahm, Caddies can play a big part of your putting performance. Here below you can read and learn more about Jon Rahm's Caddie. 

Jon Rahm's Masters ceremony speach about his Caddie Adam Hayes

“I want to start with the man who spends more time with me than my own wife and kids: my caddie, Adam Hayes, you’ve been a role model to me, and you keep being a role model with your professionalism, your positive attitude and your work ethic. It’s pretty incredible the stuff he does out there. This event, and some of the things we’ve accomplished together definitely wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have him on the bag, so Adam, thank you.”

*Hayes and Rahm started working together in 2016, and Hayes has been on the bag for all of Rahm’s biggest on-course moments. Rahm’s win at Augusta on Sunday was his second career major championship, his fourth victory in 2023 and the 11th win of his PGA Tour career. > https://golf.com/news/jon-rahm-touching-message-caddie-masters/?amp=1


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