Rolex Series debute in AbuDhabi with 128 Caddies. From JackWhite to James Erkenbeck...

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AbuDhabi - UAE

2023 will mark 150th birth anniversary of probably the first ever professional Caddie*. To celebrate 150 years of professional Caddying we thought we will start our 2023 blog/news with a Caddie story and here it happen to be about Caddie James Erkenbeck who happen to be the Caddie of Victor Perez who thanks to a miracle bunker shot "In" on 17th wins the $ 1,53 million check (10% to James) HSBC Championship at Yas Links - Abu Dhabi. 

Perez's victory was the third of his career on the DP World Tour and the most lucrative. 

“It was probably the greatest shot I’ve ever hit,”  Victor Perez celebrates with his caddie James Erkenbeck after he had holed his second shot from the green-side bunker for a birdie en route to victory at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship.

As we never heard of James Erkenbeck before Abu Dhabi we google his name and here is what we found:

A San Diego native, James Erkenbeck graduated from the University of New Mexico, where he won two tournaments during his senior season, including the NCAA Columbus Regional. He was the Mountain West Player of the Year and an All-MWC selection. Erkenbeck, who finished with the second-lowest career strokes-per-round average in UNM history, also earned a spot on the U.S. Palmer Cup team, which won win big in Wilmington, DE.  

Victor and James met at the university of New Mexico  > and together earned their respectively biggest career check! Congratulations James (Caddie) & Victor (Player) 

Caddies name list at the 2023 HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship. (HighLights the Caddies we know personaly) 

Neil Crate, Damian Moore, Xabi Gorospe, Markus Croeser, Martijn van Oosterhout, Erik Frost, Chris Lloyd, Guy Tilston, Paul Drummond, Basile Dalberto, John Moulrooney, Jesus Legarrea, Owen Craig, David Corrigan, Brendan McCartain, Steve Petite, Barry Cornwall, Jady de Beer, John McLaren, Mark Sherwood, Zack Rasego, Abednigo Vee Rabasotho, Diego Suazo, Theo Rouhaud, Stevie Neilsen, Dave McNealy, Ian Finnis, David Kenny, David Kenny, Dean Smith, Dan Clarke, Craig Farrelly, Luke Swemmer, Chris Liley, Dan Urban, Alan Burns, Ronan Flood, Michael Donaghy, Jacob Szöts, Kisko Perez, James Baker, Henry Tomlinson, Christian Christensen, Terry Mundy, Rasmus Bofill, Ritchie Blair, Hari Pachu, Chris Simmons, Meg Sakai, Takashi Ohagen, Alan Tulleth, Laurie Potter, Martin Seddon, Robbie Chisnall, Adrian Verroca, Nick Mumford, Andreas Haindl, Peter Olsson, Raul Quiros, Max Bill, Theunis Bezuidenhout, Stuart Davidson, Darren Reynolds, John Dempster, Callum Matheson, Martyn Roberts, Steven Alan Tooby, Richard Logue, Brian Martin, Martin Gray, Michael Thomson, Connor Winstanley, Chris Selfridge, Stuart Beck, Alberto Calvo, Pello Iguaran, Andrew Forsyth, Jan Squire, Solomon Soli, Mark Crane, Kasper Estrup, Dominic Bott, Ian More, Oliver Briggs, Sebastien Clément, Jamie Herbert, James Erkenbeck, Adam Marrow, James Walton, Simon Keelan, Riku Mattila, Jason Palmer, Kessler Karain, Stanley May, Patxi Londaitz, Niclas Hellberg, Pascal Schneider, Collin Sikobi, Josh Read, Lyle Phillips, Andrew Sutton, Sam Matton, Jesper Söderberg, Jonathan Bell, Gareth Lord, Sam Straka, Jaris Kruger, Tom Ridley, Ryan McGuigan, Väinö Viitaharju, Graeme Rowan, Charlie George, Wian Faber, Sam Bernard, Angus Hay, Alex Evans, Harry Bird, Mick Doran, Gordon Faulkner, Josh McColl, Pete Blyfield, Oliver Suhr, James Nelson, Francisco Mateo.


*JackWhite was probably the first professional Caddie born 15th August 1873 

Jackwhite biorgraphie

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