Kuchar's temporary Caddie: from USD5k to USD50K Buzz

CaddiePlayer Richard Sterne will tee up this thursday in Mexico WGC at 12:51 so will Matt Kuchar at 12:03 > The golf club will not be El Cameleon where last november "El Tucan" David Cortiz made the Social Media Buzz as the  local club caddie assisting Matt Kuchar to win USD 1,3 Million  that was for the" fairy tale".

Shockingly "WE" the social media lovers found out that "CaddieCortiz" received 5'000 USD only from Matt Kuchar.... Then another  buzz started... we could call it the "greedy tale"  more contrevarsy followed and after 3 months of bad/image, Kuchar finally had to "Apologize" and pay what "We" all thought to be fair... 

The caddie is in such a difficult predicament because how is he to "negotiate" when asked by a World Star to caddie? Even if $2000 had been suggested he'd have nodded appreciatively & to suggest $5000 was a life changer, or whatever he said, was a insult. Yes, $5000 would have been a lot to a poor(so suggested) caddie, but to suggest that's the reason for limiting payment to $5000 & defending his decision is something that will haunt him for ever. > Comments from a anonymous world class Caddie

full story > https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/feb/15/matt-kuchar-golf-apologises-temporary-caddie-david-ortiz?CMP=share_btn_tw

To my knowledge this is not the first time that such a case have happened ... Zhang Lian Wei did worst in 2003 winning his first european tour event in Singapore. That week on his bag a local caddie Osman Juaini, Zhang after the win gave Osman 700 USD after complaining and more pressure from the Media, Caddie Osman  received an extra compensation of around 5% from the USD 150.000 winning check from Zhang > https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/golf/furore-over-us700-caddy-fee-at-2003-singapore-masters

To go further on this issue of local Caddie getting under payed by Tour Players.... I have personaly experience a few cases where I felt "Greedness" from the players this is really shamfull  and I am pretty sure that Kuchar and Zhang cases are just the tip of the ICBERG where/when local Caddies must be feld down by their week players...  

As "The Marquis de Sade" a philosopher wrote in his biography: "HUMAN KIND  IS PRIMITIVLY EGOCENTRIQUE" 

Thanks to the social Media and more pressure  Caddie Cortiz and Osman got away "Happy".... Lets see how Matt Kuchar will handle this week the pressure of playing again in Mexico for a prize fund of 10 Millions USD ? > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WGC-Mexico_Championship 

Until next time CaddiePlayer Stephane in Dubai 


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CaddiePlayer Baig join 30 on their Journey to Jordan

With three players tied for 29th place, a playoff was needed to find out the two players who secured their cards. England’s Mark James, Pakistan’s Ahmad Baig and Sweden’s William Nygard were the ones left in the battle. Baig birdied the first hole to take his card while Nygard three-putted from 15 feet for par to give James an unexpected lifeline. Full story > https://menatour.golf/news/details/vacarisas-leads-first-batch-of-30-qualifiers-on-their-journey-to-jordan

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Caddie Network and Golf Digest Form Content Partnership

The Caddie Network (TCN) announced today a multi-platform content and programming partnership with Golf Digest. The new partnership will feature several content and programming features to be shared through a variety of platforms, including digital, social and print.
With more than 150 professional caddies participating, TCN is the first-ever digital content platform dedicated to professional caddies and their “on tour” experiences and insights. Additionally, TCN brings to life the world of caddies at the grassroots and amateur level and the unique personalities that golfers around the world enjoy on a weekly basis.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Golf Digest, the world’s leading golf publication,” said TCN Co-Founder John von Stade.  “This new partnership will not only increase awareness for the profession of caddying but also help bring more golf fans the unique ‘front row’ perspective that only professional Tour caddies can.”

Max Adler, Editorial Director of Golf Digest, said: “There’s no better source for buzz in the game than caddies—they often tell the players the news—and we’re excited about the analysis and storytelling we can deliver working with The Caddie Network.” > https://thegolfwire.com/the-caddie-network-golf-digest-content-partnership/

Scientist DeChambeau first International win in Dubai

Since my first participation as a delegate to the 1998 World Science Congress of Golf and later as a speaker presenter (2012-2016), I become an active believer/promoter in Golf Science. I could not miss the opportunity to follow sunday Omega Dubai Desert Classic final round to witness not only a great duel between the “Scientist” Bryson DeChambeau and the “defending champion” Li Hao Tong* but as well a fantastic opportunity to see another history making in Dubai. 

The opportunity would also let me benchmark/research their performance using the CaddiePlayer & PuttZones metrics. The "duel" Bryson versus Li went quite short as after the second hole only, Li made a poor chip followed by 3 putts as Bryson back to back birdies cruised to a 64 to finish -24 and in his pocket his first International win.

What impressed me the most in Bryson game was not his putting but his SwingScore58, which according the the "4ShotsRule" (Barras-Baradie) would have been made possible a score of 54 matching the "Vision54"  quest from Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson. 

Bryson DeChambeau speaking after his first International win in Dubai

“The more you can understand the world around you the more prepare you will be” 

I was then privilege to be one of the few able to attend DeChambeau press conference and to get more insite of his “Secrets” which many might think its about putting… Actually its not… According to Bryson it all comes to the “DOMINO” effects... 

Full story > http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/season=2019/tournamentid=2019012/news/newsid=365085.html

Until next time, #IamCaddiePlayer Stephane in Dubai        


CaddiePlayer Founder Stephane Barras with Bryson Dechambeau



Full story about Li Hao Tong two shots penalty on 18 > rule rule 10.2(b)4 


Abu Dhabi HSBC marks CaddiePlayer historical moments

#BestoftheBest @ADGolfChamps

Raphael Jacquelin celebrating 600 events (100 events using CaddiePlayer)

Richard Sterne finishing second to earn his biggest tour prize 688,793 Euro (since July 2017 using CaddiePlayer) 


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