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Any questions, just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - To join QMUGS you need to be a student at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh Scotland. > https://www.qmu.ac.uk/


Ending 2020 with Covid-19 statistics. > When our life depends on data > tomorrow will be worst > Thanks God Golf is the winner.

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Longecourl-les-Culetres, Burgundy/France

It's the last day of 2020, I could have been into quarantine in Switzerland instead I am semi-confinement in the middle of the country side "Terre en Auxois" in Burgundy France snowing outside alone inside. I just light the fire "Cheminee"  with a few logs to get some comfort and remind me that fire is the basic of everything > Light, Heat, Cook, Health.

At the same time, I am receiving from all over the world the usual CEO's negative/positive boring greetings email statement as below:

"Hi everyone, Though 2020 was the worst year most of us can recall, in many ways it has also brought out the best in us:  The unity we’ve shown in keeping our brilliant team together.  The positivity demonstrated by our people to adapt to remote work.  The trust shown amongst the partners we continue to serve. Together, we’ve discovered new ways to connect, to deliver value and even embark on new projects.  Despite the tough context, we’ve stayed positive and used the time effectively - taking the opportunity to think deeply about our purpose and mission as a business, which will culminate in the relaunch of our brand this coming year". 

A CEO greetings

The sad truth is that tomorrow January first 2021 nothing will change > Life goes on with one POWER reality > 2020 as seen for the first time in history our freedom depending on statistics and 2021 will continue so... > The problem as we all know are statistics can't be trusted alone, they are just an indication and this indication can only be accurate if 3 conditions happen: 

  1. Data are 100% population entered
  2. Data are 100% correctly registered
  3. Data are interpreted in the best interest of the ending user  

As for now I read world daily Covid-19 cases December 30th are 719,240  and that the RO (reproduction ratio) is above 1, meaning that infections/pandemic is progressing > meaning 2021 is not freedom promising yet.... https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

Let's go back to golf  > The 2020 Covid-19 GOLF situation was an exciting amazing best year to date for us "The Community"... Why? We realize how golf great is again. A self-distance sport surrounded by nature full of wellbeing the best Covid-19 sport. I could attend countless webinars, unbelievable free education face to face with the best of the industry, following Instagram influencers, coaches, new stars, products with lots of lockdown fun imagination and excitement.

2020 was also "CaddiePlayer" our best year by far with countless innovations, new players, new projects, events as well my first Webinar, Zoom meetings, consulting in Thailand, Saudi, France, UK, Scotland, South Africa, Dubai, China, Scotland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and on top of that I discovered a new country VANUATU! 


At last, If I would be asked to vote for the best 2020 GOLF ACHIEVER > It would not be Bryson DeChambeau monster drive at the US OPEN, neither Dustin Johnson's brother helps to win the Masters or 47 years old Lee Westwood Race2Dubai winner. TO ME the best 2020 GOLFER ACHIEVER is Czech Republic Ondrej Lieser! > Playing only five events with the last two back to back wins toping the Challenge tour order of merit and qualify for the 2021 European TOUR bringing his country closer to  "Top of EUROPE GOLF  2028"  > https://www.cgf.cz/en/

Wish you well, I am CaddiePlayer FOUNDER Stephane Barras 


 MY Personal 2020 BEST ACHIEVER AWARD goes to Ondrej from Czech Republic

My birthday, your gift... getting old getting better. Race 2 Dubai oldest historical champion. Now lets go into the SnowWorld.

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Scotland, EastLothian, Aberlady

As I was having my birthday cake turning 57 in Scotland > Yes its raining here in EastLothian and getting dark at 16h00 but I am smiling sunshine when I see Lee Westwood at 47 + becoming the oldest European Tour Order of Merit winner. Glad golf shows us that course management, strategy, experiences is still the winner over pure power. Gald to see Billy Foster the caddie of Fitzpatrick beeing right there to guide him on the last crucial shots to win the 3 millions USD.


 All in all Billy (Caddie) and Lee (Player) where the big winners on my Birthday a 13... My lucky number now there lucky number too! 

The golf season is over lets go skiing or lets go snowing > Not sure when the ski resort will open... At Crans Montana Switzerland home of CaddiePlayer and the European Masters you can ski! See you there soon > https://www.crans-montana.ch/en/activities_/ski/  or until next time. 


Quote from Lee Westwood

"The motivation's never changed, really. I get to get up each day and do the job I love. I've always wanted to be a golfer and I don't want it to end"

Full  story >  https://www.europeantour.com/european-tour/news/articles/detail/westwood-claims-third-harry-vardon-trophy-in-dubai/

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