LET Players and caddies show support for Gerald Adams

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During ISPS Hand European Masters,  LET members and caddies will be wearing blue badges with the initials ‘GA’ in support of Gerald Adams, a popular long-time caddie on tour who has worked for Laura Davies, Dale Reid and Lynnette Brooky among other players. His friends on Tour have been fundraising to help pay for Gerald’s treatment at the Datolli Clinic in Sarasota after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year, that had spread. Gerald was caddying for Laura Davies last year in Australia when they were paired with a celebrity chef called Geoff Janz in the Pro-Am.

“He got an Australian specialist to contact me who told me that if I wanted to continue my life I would have to go to the Datolli Clinic in Florida,” Gerald explained.  “My first prognosis was that I would have five to seven years to live. After two and a half months of treatment in America, with 50 doses of radiation and some radioactive seed implants, Dr Datolli told me that my cancer had gone and completely clear: a successful treatment! “I am very thankful and feel very lucky and I’d like to raise awareness. I feel that it’s a shame that I had to go to America to receive treatment. “The machine that detects the smallest particles of prostate cancer is in Orlando, but the injection used to allow the machine to highlight these areas is not yet approved by the American board.

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