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Press Release published in Shenzhen, China, April 29 - 2012

Using a new type of statistics, developed by researcher Stéphane Barras, LPGA member and nr 1 French player Karine Icher finishes at -15 for third place in Alabama. Her best performance since 2010.  For the last three years, Stéphane Barras followed and monitored the best golf players in the world in order to better understand how they achieve their performances.

In March 2012, Stéphane Barras published a scientific paper about « Putting distance, Perception and Goals » where he also unveils new ways to monitor golf players’ games.  These principles are based on the “Undulation Theory” developed by Einstein and Hertz. Those findings are opening doors to better manage one’s own focus leading to improved performance and results.  Since then, Stéphane Barras has approached several tours players to assist them. His collaboration with Karine Icher started only 2 weeks ago, but it worked out quickly with a third place finish by Karine on the LPGA Tour.  One of the particularities of this methodology is that it can be learned remotely through the internet (currently www.caddieplayer.com) .


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