#LallaMeryemCup #TropheeHassanII counted 12 CaddiePlayers

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.... #LallaMeryemCup #TropheeHassanII counted 12 CaddiePlayers register! More to remember I crossed 3 swiss passeport holders into the field > Players Melanie Maetzler, Joel Girrbach and Caddie of Pedro Oriol, Hafner Manuel. I havent seen so many Swiss on the Main tour since a long time.... Melanie and Manuel both missed the cut, Joel and I (I was coaching Richard Sterne) made it to the weekend. Richard played solid to finish 9th and stay within the top10 Race to Dubai Ranking.  Joel end up 67th. As far as CaddiePlayers registered participants I counted 12... Best lady was LET Camilla Lennarth 13th. 

On the side as always I enjoyed my week in Rabat! The weather turned to be nice and as usuall had great Tajin, Couscous and walked through the Medinhat which is always an experience. I do not want to miss to congratulate the winners both from Spain! Oleeee #IamCaddiePlayerStephane


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