ISPS HANDA World Invitational by Modest! Golf opened my blindness

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ISPS HANDA WORLD INVITATIONAL - Men and women compete for equal prize money in first of its kind event in Europe

Purse $500,000 (split equally between men and women) Course Galgorm (approximate yardages), Men 7,100 yards (par 70), Women 6,402 yards (par 73) Massereene (approximate yardages), Men 6,600 yards (par 70), Women 6,330 yards (par 72). Winner Men -11 (Senior Jack), Winner Women -10  (Stephanie Meadow)

It was the first time I went to a tournament on a "Friend" guest badge, thanks to the courtesy of Mark McDonnell the Director of Modest! Golf the organizer who gave me access to everywhere. On top I had the opportunity to follow two CaddiePlayer: 

Women: Anais Meyssonnier, the 2014 French Amateur Champion -  Man: Chris Robb, the 2014 Scottish Amateur Champion.

Beeing able to data monitor women and man on the same course/greens was one of a kind opportunity that I could not miss... the learning experience was worth coming knowing that on top I was rooming with Caddie "Ronnie" John Roberts a master in game planning (Ronnie was the Caddie of last year winner Calum Hill). 

However, what I learned the most of my week in Irlande was the meaning of ISPS Handa.

Did you know that ISPS stands for "International Sports Promotion Society" and the founder was Dr Haruhisa Handa from Japan? Did you know that since 2016, ISPS Handa funds and promotes sporting events in archery, bowling, boxing, football, polo, rowing, rugby, swimming and golf with an emphasis on blind and disabled and disabled Brendan Law was in the field? 

Now you know... > 

Best regards, #IamCaddiePlayer Founder, Stephane 

Quote from Modest! Golf Founder and Irish Singer Niall Horan:  "Music and Sport can bring things together"


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