CaddieBarras collected 1148 data while CaddieGarcia collected 33'000 Euros

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Caddie work is mostly numbers at least during the round... the only number you cant predict is the money one... 10% for a win... but as there is only one winner each week every other Caddies need to be patient and wait for his turn, I mean his Player turn.

Instead of waiting mine, I took the KLMOpen week (Exceptionally I was Caddying) to collect as many data as possible to better understand not only the performance of my Player Gaganjeet but also to see what all the numbers will show us. 

So all and all I collected Gaganjeet Bhullar's 287 shoots using four formats (DSI - Waggle - CaddieMaps - CaddiePlayer)

As a result, during the last round, we allready saw some benefits to finish the KLMOpen under par T60 and more importantly knowing better what to do next.

This is just the beginning...


Quotes from Gaganjeet Bhullar currently n.1 Indian golfer.

"Understanding data was not my cup of tea, but now I actually feel that it can bring a small change to my game"

Congratulations to Sergio Garcia for his 16th wins on the European Tour, not forgeting that he was mentioned in my putting science research back in 2011.

I personally handover the research to his wife Angela two weeks ago...

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