Invitational 2020 by Stephane Barras Calling for Motivators/Promotors/Representative

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May 1st 2020, Stephane Barras CaddiePlayer Founder, will invite all Professionals golfers (mens and womens) from around the World of Golf to join, the first CaddiePlayer.Online Invitational Pro tournament. 

Brief Format: A) Pro Players scoring to be self-entered online either by the Player or by his Caddie, Coach, Manager, Friend or Sponsor B) Players registration can also be funded either by their Caddies, Coaches, Managers, Friends or Sponsors. C) If qualified for the Invitational Grand Final 2020 (OMTop50 + 15invites), the qualifier Players will take their *Caddies, and share the Grand Final prizes money.

Registration, rules and regulations to follow >

*Caddie can either be: A Tour/Club Caddie, Coach, Manager, Friend or Sponsor.

 To activate/engage as many participants as possible, Stephane Barras is calling:

10 regionals CaddiePlayer.Online Invitational Motivators/Promotors/ Representatives

  • United Kingdom - Irlande
  • Francophonie countries (Morocco – Tunisia includes)
  • Italy – (Switzerland Italian Part)
  • Germany – (Switzerland German Part)
  • China - Taiwan
  • South Africa
  • USA – Americas – Canada (non-French speaking)
  • Australia – New-Zealand
  • India - Asia
  • Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Norway)

Motivators/Promotors/Representative benefits*

Rewards: 5,000.- USD, One CaddiePlayer.Online Invitational 2020 Grand Final invitation, 1 % equity share of website/services, 10% Regional Sponsorships commissions

*To get the above benefits the regional agent will need to encourage and invite, mainly from his desk computer, social media networks, word of mouth 500 paid registrations from his region

  Interested?  Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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