Puyo and Kropf first CaddiePlayer TOUR Pairing

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CaddiePlayer "Science into Golf" solution announce its first register Pairing!

Rick Kropf as the Caddie and Fiona Puyo as the Player. They both register, fill the StatsCards and leave comments to interact with researcher Stephane Barras.  This achievement is a Key Millstone since CaddiePlayer was launch in June 2013.

Since its launch CaddiePlayer already account several well known Caddies, Players and Coaches as register. The vision of its Founder, PGA and researcher Stéphane Barras when launching CaddiePlayer was to build a tool/platform to improve Players Performances using the latest research available. Thanks to the Internet golf around the world is now close to a click and with CaddiePlayer every Player and team member can follow, guide and suggest each other from their desk.

Fiona Puyo a promising 27 years old tour Pro from France is currently competing on the LET and Symetra TOUR with the aim to qualify for the LPGA tour and in Mind to compete in the 2016 Olympic. Fiona’s caddie experience Rick Kropf is on her bag to make sure everything fine and more importantly to give Fiona the extra needed key decisions.

Comments from Fiona: “I like to work with Rick because he has a lot of experience and helps me with making the best decision on the course. His confidence on the course enhances my confidence. Finally his positive attitude and calmness definitely helps a nervous player like me ! 

 CaddiePlayer helps me to keep track of my game in a very precise and easy way. We try to sit down with Rick after the round and enter the data on CaddiePlayer WebCard. It is a way for us to discuss the round and see what went well and what has to be improve.  I also really like that we can interact on the round as we all don't experience and see the same things on the course. The input of the player and caddie after each round is for me very important as it helps to take perspective.  Also researcher Stephane analysis helps me to find patterns and way to improve my game in an efficient way.”

 Comments from Rick: “I met Fiona at a Symetra event at Innisbrook Resort near Tampa, FL. My friend "Bully" was caddying for Fiona because his boss had forgotten to commit to the event. Bully mentioned that Fiona was a good player and she did well at Innisbrook. On Sunday I saw her walking to her car with a heavy load and took her bag and introduced myself. Bully let me know she was looking for a caddie a few weeks later. Fiona and I worked together at Reunion Resort and twice at LPGA International outside Daytona Beach, FL.

I like the fact that Fiona is strong and hits the ball very well. She can hit controlled shots when needed. Mainly I like it that she smiles a lot and continues to look forward to the future. I like the feedback from CaddiePlayer because it gives Fiona and I specific things to work on. It confirms what we need to do to score better.


Note: Since register with CaddiePlayer Fiona has already achieve “Chase68” Real Score. According to Stephane research, 68 is the score a tour Pro should aim for, Stephane Barras research has been able to identify a clear way/path/route to lead to 68 so called the “WinningScore”.

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