Pros Bossert & Cevaer wins. Junior Lecomte runner up! #CaddiePlayer is back...

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Professionnal, Andre Bossert with 24 putts to win the first Swiss Pro/Am in Geneva after PuttZones inside by Stephane Barras

Professionnal, Christian Cevaer beat all categories to win the first WinTour Serie in Paris after warm up session with Stephane Barras  >

Junior, Thomas Lecomte with 13 birdies was the runner up U18 Swiss Junior Championship Montreux after one month CaddiePlayer with Stephane Barras 

Quote from Andre Bossert

"I had 24 putts which is the lowest amount of putts for 18 holes since years. I worked hard on my putting stroke during lock down & after discussing with Stephane Barras up in Crans & adopting one of his PuttZones drills, all I needed is true rolling greens to mak a bunch of putts." 


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