CaddiePlayer & PuttZones user reach European Tour N.1 in Strokes Gained Putting Statistics.

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From Crans-Montana, Switzerland home of the Omega European Masters.

We are pleased and honored to read European Tour Player cat.18, from South Africa, Louis De Jager, to top the European Tour's Putting - Strokes Gained category with an average per round (8) SG at +1.60. In second place from Portugal is Ricardo Santos with SG +1.52 >

Since August 2020 - 20th, Louis's game has been under the guidance of CaddiePlayer & PuttZones* Founder Stephane Barras. Due to the Pandemic situation and travel restrictions all guidance from Stephane has been done online entering a total of 76 rounds into the CaddiePlayer data center.

  Quote from Stephane Barras: 

"I am overwhelm to see that within 7 months only Louis's Strokes Gained Putting European Tour ranking went from 111th (-0.50) to first (+1,52)"

Quote from Louis De Jager: "Thanks for all your effort"


In 4th place (+1.20), Sterne Richard - 2018/19 Stephane's student.

*PuttZones is the ending result of the 2011 scientifical research "Better understanding putting perception distance and goals" > 

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