PCR 19 all Negative > Trevose GC all Positive. Life on Tour under Pandemic rules!

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Your next stop at Trevose GC Cornwall UK

I got my Day8 test Negative and Day10 theory quarantine is behind but I am still anxious about the overall situation of variant XYZ... What about you?

Last time I was on Tour as a free traveler/coach was back in 2019 for the Dubai Final Race. Seems an eternity ago... Thanks to CaddiePlayer Solutions as well the Internet I could still be virtually "Connected" to the World of Golf Tour but nothing can be compare to be on site at an life event.

Gladly behind all the Covid hassle restrictions/rules/administratives/bubbles I got my "Elite Sport Exemption" status, successfully completed my online education module on Rapid Antigen/Lateral Flow testing and could be back where I can deliver the best of my abilities (In Trevose Caddie and Coach to CaddiePlayer Legends Tour's Andre Bossert).

Coincidently I made my return at the rebranded LegendsTour part of the European Tour Age over50 events.

It was nice to see again all the Legends (Ian Woosnam and co) I use to cheer/admire whenever they would play The SwissOpen at my home course Crans sur Sierre.

I found the LegendsTour new format Alliance Pro/Am a great concept giving the opportunity to share game/friendship as well getting some preciouse tips. And what great satisfaction you get when you received such wonderful message: 

"I cannot tell you how much fun we had. You were the best partner I could have wished for and thank you for giving up so much of your time to make it such a great experience for us."  

Thanks to Andre Bossert his playing partner Billy (quoted above)and all others there who contribuated greatly to our back on tour week.

At last lets congratulate Chris Williams for winning the Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship at Trevose. See you all there again in 2022!

PS: No PCR anymore... #IamCaddiePlayerStephane 


We will be back CaddiePlayer @Trevose...

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