My 149Th Open > Covid, Vaccination, no accreditation, Undercover CaddiePlayer data collecting to finally meet JackWhite the Open Champion 1904...

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Sunningdale, Ascot - The Senior British Open Week...

I just got my "Essential Support Staff" with a BIG "C" badge (Nice to feel essential and to have access to the historical Sunningdale Club House having lunch next to the current US Senior Champion Jim Furyk).

One week ago I arrived at Royal Saint Georges the149th Open not knowing exactly what would I do except from trying to feel the spirit of JackWhite the 1904 Open Champion.

Since I moved to Scotland back in 2017 and met Boris the owner of the JackWhite shop Gullane I have been intrigued by the "JackWhite" story.

After making countless research and reading. I assume JackWhite must have been the First so called "CaddiePlayer" as in his book "Putting" , published in 1923, he speaks about Caddying into Sciencing and this is exactly what we are doing since 2013 CaddiePlayer birth.


Showing my face to the R & A official Media staff on a last minute call did not let me get the "Sesame Ouvres Toi" essential media badge to cover the almost forgotten JackWhite story. Thanks to my contacts of 40+ years on tour I finally got "TheOpenTicket" to enter the spectators site... If you've never been to TheOpen make sure you make it one day!

I was hoping to be coaching the only official CaddiePlayer qualifer "Louis De Jager" instead he got Covid and had to withdraw. On a last minute call I found a CaddiePlayer prospect, I collected his data. He made the cut, at one stage got to 6th place... at last I would have made 1'800 USD for the week. "World N.1" Coach Peter Cowen must have made more!

At least I got my first Pfiser vaccin

Gladly before I left RSG I found JackWhite just across from the Piaff Champagne Hospitality! "Sant√©" Morikawa. 




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