« It’s simple, once you know the theory…. »

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 Christian Cevaër (2009 European Open Winner), CaddiePlayerShannon and CaddiePlayerFounder
I had the opportunity to participate in a two day clinic with creator and researcher Stephane Barras « The Caddie Player » genius.  Firstly to be invited to this amazing facility at Château de Chailly, is something special.  To be impressed on arrival by this regal historic structure, in the centre of this quaint country village. The rolling hills of the Burgundy region of France,  flashes of autumn colours already appearing, despite the brisks winds, the sun was out and it was time to test this theory, and learn what I needed to know on how to improve my putting!

Stephane looked at me and said… »I can tell you seriously that even within two hours I will make you a better putter ! « First,  we talked about the system he created, his reserach, his findings and case studies for Caddie Player.  One needs to understand the logic of the system to be able to transform it, apply it and then put it into regular practice.

Ok….so the test!   On the putting green we go and we start with the Caddie Player test of playing a fictional round to arrive on the green with various putts to negociate, differing distances, differing scores…..scenarios such as:  sinking the putt for a birdie at 18 feet….sinking it for an eagle at 36 feet and so on.  Not much to ask…..really!  So, we finished the round, and followed through with the analysis.  OK, I’m not only honest, but realistic….my score was not exceptional, but with so much room for improvement, it could only be a positive result.

We finished the analysis on the computer and returned to the green.  It is an invaluable test making you aware of the susceptibility of many golfers on the green… Misreading of the greens,  missed speeds and distances.  Following some practical exercises and drills, in conjunction  with Stephane’s explanations and logical theory behind this method, the golfer has a much clearer idea how to successfully apply this system when actually on the green,  with a more relaxed mental focus.

So after the theory and training, it was time to execute all that I had learned on the course.  I couldn’t believe my luck to arrive on the first tee with Christian Cévaër, not only one of the recorder holders on the European Tour for the best putting average, but also a contributer and particpant to the Caddieplayer research.  Two professional players to assist my golf…..what could be better?

With CaddiePlayer, you don’t have to be  a professional golfer to benefit from this system.  In fact, it is quite simple once you understand the strategic method of Caddieplayer, you too will be putting like a professional!  Thank you Stephane for your wisdom and positive influence on sharpening up my putting game.

Shannon Bruchard-Gibbons a CaddiePlayer Register



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