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 Tutorial & Download

  !  As a caution "save entry data" after 9 holes and then18 holes, at last add round holes and comments. 
Click "Edit Holes" to continue entering data. 
  1. Enter your scores QUICKER by using the TAB button to move DOWNWARDS from column to column. 
  2. Fill in ALL fields to get all stats.
  3. the RED fields to get SwingScore stats only. Note: In Order for your SwingScore to be accurate you need to make sure your account "Drop" Selection. You can Select "Drop" on "TShot" and "SResult" Column. You select "Drop" if  the result of your "TShot" or "SResult" created a penality (OB, Hazard etc...) as well if you need to play "SideWay (LAY UP on Pars4)" or you are too far to reach the Green in Regulation (GreenUnreachable).
  4. the BLUE fields to get PuttScore stats only.
  5. the GREEN fields to get Up & Down short game stats only.
  6. For the Lay Up Box > read below "How many Lay Up on this Round Box".
  7. When your score is higher than Par, you Should EXPLAIN WHY in the Bogey and + column. This Process is a key to your improvement
  8. Once you complete all the fields and click SUBMIT (make sure you select you Player name on the "select player" box or the system will not know its you and will not register the card). Tour Performance Manager, Researcher and 2020 GolfDigest "Best International Teachers' list Stephane Barras will get an copy of your card/round. 
  9. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding CaddiePlayer Solution do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Ranking Column: (After Each Round you should tell your current field position) Options: Other, Top5, Top10, Top20, Top50, MC (MissCut).

 Drop: The Drop selection from either TShot, or CResult column is a crucial entry data to calculate the "SwingScore".

  • You select "Drop" from TShot when: Your ball is OB & Lost*, Water, SidePlay (Behind a Tree).
  • You select "Drop" from CResult when: You can't reach the Green in Regulation because you have either: OB & Lost ball*, Water, SidePlay, Unreachable because of poor distance or over the green because of a poor shot or a wrong club selection.
  • On a reachable Par5 but you missed your tee shot that you can not go for the green anymore.
  • If your Tshot is OB and your second ball is GIR it does not count as GIR "On" as PResult. 

* In this case you need to select a "double drop" as one forTShot and one from CResult. > CaddiePlayer needs to know accuratly the Drops in order to properly calculate the "SwingScore."

TShot: "TShot" for TeeShot > Options: Fairway, OnGreen, MissRight, MissLeft, Drop, Other. (On Par3s if you reach the green in Regulation select "OnGreen") > CaddiePlayer needs to know where you ball lie after your tee shots.


"PClub" for Playing Club > Select Range clubs for your first shot (par3), your second shot (par4), and your third shot (par5). Select "Putter" if for exemple you reach  Par4 in One or a Par5 in Two.

If you play putter (fringe), bunker, or wedges within 60 yds from the Green Side then go to column "60Side" and choose options. Option "Multiple" if you still can not reach the green within 60 yds.If you can not reach the Green in Regulation because your previous shot was a "Drop" than select "Other".  Wood for all Woods, Rescue or Hybrid. > CaddiePlayer needs to know which club you use to go for the GIR.



"CResult" for Club Result or your Swing Result > Options: On (Green in Regulation), Short, MissRight, MissLeft, Long, Drop, Other. > CaddiePlayer needs to know where you ball lie after you select the PClub


"DPutt1" for Distance of the first Putt in FEET and not in METRICS > only* when the ball is ON the green, pace how far from the hole is your first putt Only if ON the Green (one foot = 30 cm) and you can multiple meters by 3 to reach feet > Exemple: 5 meters X 3 = 15 feet. 

*If play the putter from Outside the Green (Fringe) you MUST select Putter from the "60Side" column. > CaddiePlayer will then be able to calculate your Putting Up and Down % 



"RPutt1" for Result of the first Putt > Explain what's happen after your first putt, select Options: In (the Hole), InZone (Almost In the Hole) or more options as UnderlineRL (Right to Left) or UnderlineLR (Left to Right), Overline, UnderSpeed, OverSpeed, Combine. If not sure select Other. > CaddiePlayer stats will then be able to calculate your Miss In Tendancies. ! If you hold your shot from outside the Putting surface make sure you select "IN" or the system will record as a MissPutt.



"NPutt" for Number of Putt > Write how many putts in Total (only From On the surface of the green and not from "GreenSide" or "Fringe"). If you play putter from outside the green then go to "50Side" column and select putter.



"60Side" from 60 Meters from around the Green > or "Around the Green" (60 Yards range) and/or "Fringe". You must select this column every time you are within 60 Yds (50 meters) from the green.

Options: None, Putter, 9-6, Wedges, or Other. Note: If you make a "DoubleApproach", meaning miss the green when you are within 60 Yards (50 meters ), select "Multiple" and then explain in the comment column whats happened. > CaddiePlayer will then be able to calculate several UP and Down % 

- Lay Up Box >  A "Lay up" is a golf shot that is played conservatively in order to avoid trouble ahead on the hole. Most luckly on Par5s ... A golfer "Lay up" on a hole when the risk outweighs the reward. On this Box write how many times within that round you played this situation.

- Bogey and + Hole Comments Box > On any hole you make a Bogey and +  explain more in depth whats happen on this particular hole.  > CaddiePlayer needs to better understand why you make Bogey and + 

- Round Comments Box > When you completed your round, comments on what was positive or negative or anything you need to remember. 

If you need more assistance send email to Stephane Barras  > This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You can activate an archived round by clicking the filter for "Status" > Archived. Then in the list of Archived Rounds, click "Activate"

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