Colsaerts: In Madrid in Jeopardy, in Paris in Stardom #LifeOnTour think positive

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Aberlady World Hickory Golf Championship no Belgian there even though there federation was founded in 1912 and Nicolas Colsaerts just surprised many with his French Open win, based on recent form: he had just one top-five finish in his previous 55 worldwide starts for one.

For two, one of us was Caddying in the same group as Colsaerts during the first 36holes at the Spanish Open in Madrid. At that time Colsaerts was on the edge to Miss out his season and in jeopardy to go back to Tour School > 117 Race2Dubai.

At last, two week later and a win at the French Open and Colsaerts is back in Stardom ...

Positive Thinking by Ian 
Think positive and not negatively , we are told . Not a bad idea , or ' not bad ' . Or , am I ,' good ' , thanks . So out for a game of golf and , ' great shot ' . Was it really ? ' Great shot ' , again . I am not very good at golf , but I must be amazing . Maybe I am not bad , or maybe I hit some ' not bad ' shots . But ' great ' is stretching reality a bit far . Very positive though , even though I can occasionally be ' not bad ' , or even hit some not bad shots . Obviously for some shots to be ' not bad' , then there are a lot of bad shots .
Great shots , were just a positive comment . We need something to compare the good , the bad and the ugly . We can talk a good game , we can catch the big fish . We can think a good game , but let's not analyse our dreams . What we actually need is , ' a positive method to overcome our faults '. We will leave the positive thinking for when we truly know what we are doing . When we truly know how to swing and to play the game . Then we have a good chance of being not bad , and hitting more ' not bad ' shots .
Maybe the odd shot , which an observer might consider ' great ' , and that could be great for him or great for me . But we will get to the stage of generally ' not bad ' , combined with no disasters . Good , bad , but not ugly . How is that for positive thinking ? Correct ! Let us address our own reality , and be positive.

 LifeOnTour is a surprise world... 


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