Bhullar 115th OM 2019 retains last ET card 2020. KLM CaddiePlayerFounder assisting strategic 7.9 points!

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While on Sunday night Tiger Woods was leading the Zozo championship PGA into tying Sam Snead 82 PGA tour records wins (27 birdies made Tiger the winner) others where hoping for a last European tour chance in Portugal to secure their European 2020 Tour card. For that they needed to finish the ET 2019 season not lower than 446.7 points mark

We are glad to see our CaddiePlayer client Gaganjeet Bhullar from India to be fortunate finishing on the 115th last spot and regain his 2020 ET privilege. We can say, according to CaddiePlayerBarras report, that game plan strategy on par5s combine with a PuttGained +5,8 at the KLM Open was a key element to gain crucial 7,9 points to finished ahead of 116th Hugo Leon at 440.6 points. 

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