Race2Dubai final week with two records from Fleetwood!

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Dubai DP World Race2Dubai final week

While 155 Players are batteling the European Tour School sesame 25 cards in Spain, Fleetwood flies to play-off glory in South Africa with probably the world lowest ever par5s last round scoring: birdie-eagle-eagle-eagle... and with it the biggest European Tour Prize USD 2,5 millions! We knew that today golf has become a Par5s game changer but to this extend we did not think if would be possible... Congratulations Tommy!

Full report from the European Tour  https://www.europeantour.com/european-tour/rolex/news/articles/detail/fleetwood-flies-to-play-off-glory-in-sun-city/


Above Tommy Fleetwood impressive Par5s round 4 results (Birdie, Eagle, Eagle, Eagle)

This week in Dubai another purse records will be broken...  

#IamCaddiePlayerStephane in Dubai


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