October ends with 5 wins and more top results making CaddiePlayer’s best performance month since 2013 launch.

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Scotland, Aberlady, Ducks Inn by Stephane Barras CaddiePlayer founder.

The second wave of the Pandemic is reaching its Europe peak with countries lockdown in France, England and Ireland and other countries making restrictions. Here in Scotland license alcoholic places closed no pubs just take out. 

Launching CaddiePlayer in March 2013 collecting to date 3680 rounds data assisting countless of Tour Pros from China to South America would never have thoughts that its most successful month would come from my hotel residency @theDucksinn in a  semi confinement environement.

I am grateful to CaddiePlayer solution, the PuttZones system and its research to have given me the chance to be able to coach during this difficult/complicated year we are in. Glad it did not affect Players performances as scoring has been as low as ever amongst others DeChambeau, to capture a six stroke victory at the 120th U.S. Open and getting ready for the masters with 400 Yds Drives.


  • Two Wins & One Top5 (Tartan Tour & Tait Tour) James McGhee > A Scottish Professional, James was introduced to CaddiePlayer by his coach and CaddiePlayer Ian Butcher
  • Two Wins & Three Top5 (Swiss PGA and SwissPro Series) Andre Bossert > A Swiss Professional Cat Senior and Former ET winner, Andre was introduced to CaddiePlayer as a researcher participant (2011).
  • One Win (Swiss Junior Tour) Thomas Lecomte > A French/Swiss double nationality, Cat U18 was introduced to CaddiePlayer during the French Open (2018) Thomas has now become a member of the Swiss Boys team.
  • One Top 5 & A course record, 64 at Roissy Golf Club (French Tour and EuroPro Tour) Arnaud Ahoua > From Ivory Cost, His first year as a Professional, Arnaud was introduced to CaddiePlayer by his coach and CaddiePlayer Laurent Pargade. 

"Grace a l'application CaddiePlayer, on a pu faire une bonne analyse du jeu d'Arnaud pendant la saison 2020. Sa rencontre avec Stéphane Barras a été entre autres "Un accélérateur de confiance".

Coach and CaddiePlayer Laurent Pargade


Thomas's Performances details > Thanks to a invite by the #Barras Family (56e Memorial Olivier Barras) , Thomas could reach the Top of  the Swiss order of Merit U18 Category > https://om.swissgolf.ch/om/

CaddiePlayer since 2013

CaddiePlayer is a "All in 1" PROTOCOL resulting of years of research. The research started in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Crans-Montana, home of the Omega European Masters. In 2010, Swiss PGA  Stephane Barras, was the head of Golf at Haigeng Chinese Olympic city when he made a fundamental discovery about performance.

In 2012 - 2016, Stephane's researches were presented at the World Science Golf Congress and since, CaddiePlayer Solution together with Stephane Barras are assisting, with great success, Champions from all over the world. CaddiePlayer is using breakthrough statistics/technics to optimize performance.

As a result of CaddiePlayer successes, Stephane Barras has been awarded 2020 Golf Digest #BestInternationalTeachers.

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