2000 Science in Golf Prize awarded by Golf Magazine for the best science in golf > Dr Debbie Crews inducted INTO THE LPGA PROFESSIONALS HALL OF FAME.

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It's with great pleasure that we read the inclusion of Dr Debbie Crews into the LPGA professionals Hall of Fame. Thanks to her guidance and support we can be today where we are with CaddiePlayer.

Among an impressive Golf Life and Awards: From 1995 to 2008,  Dr Crews was an Advisory Board World Scientific Congress of Golf and since 2012 the Inaugural Editor of the International Journal of Golf Science (This is a golf research journal published by Human Kinetics. It is the official journal of the World Scientific Congress of Golf.)

Dr Crews wrote several books. As well: Scientific Research Articles,  Abstract Publications,  Refereed Published Proceedings > and the Founder & CEO of Opti Brain.

"I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr Debbie Crews for her life time achievements as well my gratitude to have given me the opportunities to present Paper (Page 60) , Work Shop and Abstract.

Without her support and guidance, I would not be able to assist Players remotely from my desk especially now during the Pandemic we are in.

Since 1985, Dr Crews is actively involved within Science research a visionary of the World of Data we are in today" 

Stephane Barras CaddiePlayer Founder 

Dr. Debbie Crews

Dr. Debbie Crews has been involved with the LPGA Education, Evaluation and Research programs since 1997 and with the LPGA Professionals since 1980. In 2011, she earned the distinction of Master Professional. Crews has also served on the National Education and Research Advisory Board since its inception and has been a lead National Education Program (NEP) instructor/evaluator since the late 1990s. She assisted with the development and testing of the National Evaluator testing form for teaching, coaching and managerial leadership and contributed to three revisions of the NEP Manual (1997, 2007, 2013). > https://www.lpga.com/news/2020/vollstedt-crews-and-murphy-to-be-inducted-into-the-lpga-professionals-hall-of-fame


From to the guidance of Dr Crews, Stephane Barras's research on Putting was published in the International Journal of Golf Science

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