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All winners receive a complimentary two night stay full board at the Château Chailly France CaddiePlayerCenter (valid only through 2015)  Wish all CaddiePlayers register more and better 2015 Success!  Stéphane Barras

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CaddiePlayer a winner @ the Inaugural Dubai Open

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Merry Christmas from Ras al Khaimah UAE Emirates where I am taking a rest after an thrilling week at the inaugural Dubai Open (Asian Tour) where for the first time I was a “Caddie” CaddiePlayer for a Multiple Tour Winner: Gaganjeet Bhullar.

I first met Gaganjeet Bhullar back in 2011 at the Hong Kong Open when I was in the middle of my putting research: “Better understanding Putting Perception and Goals”. That week in HK, I was also assisting/monitoring Christian Cevaer, European (2009) and Spanish Open (2004) Champion. Gaganjeet and Christian paired the first 2 rounds, Gaganjeet miss the cut and Christian finish 55th. I later cross Gaganjeet at the official HK Hotel and gave him some golf tips, he later won his first Asian Tour event and since I follow with great interest his raising career.

After my research was completed and published in the International Journal of Golf Science (2012). I launch CaddiePlayer Solution (2013) and I got Gaganjeet’s Caddie Tim Wisco to register (2014).

As I am leaving in Dubai Sports City (host of the Inaugural Dubai Open) and know the Els Course well Gaganjeet ask me if I could caddie that week, understanding that our only goal was to WIN!

Theoretically the win was a very possible option: My knowledge of the course, My research about putting, My 35 years experiences as a Caddie/Coach/Researcher, My CaddiePlayer Solution combine with Gaganjeet Golf Talent, Gaganjeet Power of the Tee, Gaganjeet Touch around the Green and ultimately his determination, will and at last Gaganjeet’s Parents coming all the way from India to follow him and cheer up.  

And in fact after 36 holes, (thanks to 23 putts on round1) we were at some point in the Lead! Needing just one shot less to make it to the final group on the final day would have seen us pairing with India golf Legend and close friend with Tiger Woods: Arjun Atwal.

This one shot could have made a hell of a Difference… Yes, Golf is all about this one little Shot! Congratulations to Arjun Atwal for his great come back to the Winner circle!

We did not win the inaugural Dubai Open but for sure CaddiePlayer did*!

Until next time, Stephane Barras #IamCaddiePlayer


Gaganjeet Bhullar with Mother, Father and Myslef - Tie for 11th @ The inaugural Dubai Open


*To all CaddiePlayer register: I can only Testimony that Filling the CaddiePlayer StatsCard and entering the Data into during the Dubai Open was something that can be done easily! It’s just a matter of will and commitment.

This will and commitment is the only way to make the right judgment not based on the Caddie or on the Player perception but on facts only! This statement was also highlighted by Darren Clarke during the Dubai Open Golf Clinic: “After our game we should analyze our data to understand better where we need to improve”. CaddiePlayerGaganjeet Data were crystal clear… then it’s just a matter of believing in it! 


More about the Inaugural Dubai Open:

CaddiePlayer Researcher Back to #MyDubai

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Since 2007, I have made Dubai my second home; first because I acquire a Dubai Sports City Condo near by the maculate Els Club Course and second Because the Authority are doing great efforts to put Dubai as a prime destination for golf and I must say they have succeeded. On top, Dubai is a great Stop Over from Europe to China where in 2009 I initiate my putting research today the centerpiece of CaddiePlayer. Since 2009, I have been very lucky to be able to be part of the Chinese Golf Development, thanks to Chinese Star Zhang Lian Wei who hire me to assist his game and later open his Olympic Academy.

So to make a long story short, I just came back from my 2 months China Tour who has taken me first to Challenge Tour Chongqing where I was a guest of the organizer to scout the next Chinese Champion and I found it! I shall introduce him in a later blog. Then I flew east to Shanghai BMW Masters and HSBC World Championship where I had, upon others, the opportunity to CaddiePlayer Adam Scott and Hunter Mahan met lovely Sergio’s Garcia fiancée Katharina and witness a great moment of Golf with Bubba Watson double amazing 18holes’s shots to win. The next day catching plane 3 hours south to Sanya Golf Paradise hosting the Sanya Ladies Open following by the Hainan Open doing more CaddiePlayer stats and ultimately Opening a new CaddiePlayerCenter. Thanks to "Stephen Xu" the co-founder of FutureofGolf, you have now a base in China!

On my way back from Sanya to #MyDubai, I stop to Singapore to visit an old colleague from Switzerland “Vincent Gallus” whom I introduce CaddiePlayer and shall soon launch CaddiePlayerAsia. During my stay in Singapore I also had a meeting at the Asian Tour office to explore ways to cooperate with CaddiePlayer when I found out that the following week the defending Champion of the Indonesian Open, Gaganjeet and his Caddie Tim, both CaddiePlayer friends would be there. I did not hesitate to fly to Jakarta to support them. What a great Initiative it was! Being a guest of the Defending Champion is the ultimate experience not only because you get to see his picture everywhere but upon other privilege you get to ride in the VIP Limo escort ….

                               Omega Dubai Ladies Masters, hole 13, december 13 my birthday in #MyDubai

IMG 5137

Padraig Harrington a CaddiePlayer Coincidence ?

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Jakarta – Indonesia Open 2014 – “A Coincidence Week”

Congratulations to Padraig Harrington for winning the Indonesia Open, his first Tour win since 4 years. What a Coincidence for me and CaddiePlayer as I happen to CaddiePlayer Padraig’s second round at Damai Indah in Jakarta. Coincidence 1:  I was not suppose to come to the Indonesia Open (I was supposed to go to the LET India Open instead). Coincidence 2:  I find myself a “Player Guest” of the defending Champion Gaganjeet Bhullar.

Coincidence 3: (maybe not) Gaganjeet and Padraig, both IMG clients, pairing together first 2 rounds and me CaddiePlayerGaganjeet but then decided to CaddiePlayerPadraig too (after all CaddiePlayer 2 players pairing is not that much complicated). Coincidence 4: Last time I followed Padraig I happen to be in the 2011 in Chengdu Volvo China Open as at that time I was in the middle of my breakthrough research on putting and was in Chengdu coaching raising Chinese Star Li Chao. Coincidence 5: Li Chao also an IMG client. Coincidence 6: In Chengdu I happen to walk next to Padraig’s wife and gave her my biography to drive possible interest about my research and more things about my golf life.

That day Padraig was probably playing his worst golf, missing the cut and a fee week later changing is coach. Since that day Padraig became one of my great interest and the center piece of my research as his winless was something to be understood. Thanks to his details and dedicated weekly blog, where since 2011 and perhaps long time before week after week Padraig describe with great precision his life on tour and more his desire and hard work toward success

At one stage I even forward my research and more documents to his IMG manager, end at last I gave, during last Omega European Master, Padraig a copy as for the past 4 years, with my great regrets, I haven’t been able to speak to Padraig face to face yet. Is this another Coincidence?

At last, I have used Padraig Quote during my presentation at the World Science Congress of Golf 2012 as:

“Over the last few weeks I have been looking at my game to see what needs improving - one of the main areas is my putting from 10-20 feet. I just haven’t been holing enough from this range, The 10-20 foot range is key to performing well as it is hard to get a full approach shot inside 10 foot” Padraig Harrington – 2011

And now that I have CaddiePlayerPadraig using the results of my 2012 “Better understanding Putting Perception and goals” paper, I can testimony that Padraig was perfectly right. If you want to perform you need holing the zone3 putts! At least 40%. To prove it and exclusively for you CaddiePlayerRegister see below Padraig breakthrough Round2 CaddiePlayerStats at the Indonesia Open.

By the way, Padraig won in Indonesia doing a very akward practice Swing. Last Coincidence this practice drill is, since 1995, describe in my Book, "The Difference"...

Stephane Barras, CaddiePlayer Founder


Padraig Harrington Winner Indonesia Open CaddiePlayer Stats Round2

























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